I'm Mr. Biblio!

My real name is J. Scott Hutchinson, and my stage name is Mr. Biblio.  I write silly songs, funny educational songs, songs about life, and children's books.  I have over 35 years of experience as a live performer, singer, musician, and songwriter. 


I began writing and performing educational songs for the summer reading program at the public library in Mascoutah, IL in 2012.  After that program I started creating the Alphabuddybugs® characters and story. 


My songs and alphabet characters are original, entertaining, engaging, and educational. My live music program focuses on the English language and reading, in an interactive environment that encourages everyone, including adults, to participate while “Turning Laughter into Learning” during each performance!

The Alphabuddybugs® Story

The idea for the creation of the Alphabuddybugs® started with Scott’s first performance at the summer reading program at the Public Library in Mascoutah, Illinois.  The book, “Meet The Alphabuddybugs® and Learn Your ABC’s” was written to encourage quality reading time between adults and children while making learning the alphabet more fun and interesting.  


The characters in the book are primarily bugs, along with a few other quirky friends.  Drisana the Dragonfly, Floki the Flea, and Tori the Termite are just some of the characters you will read about in "Meet The Alphabuddybugs® and Learn Your ABC’s".


The book was published in 2014 and introduces each alphabet character, along with all of their corresponding letter sounds.

The book has been hailed as fun, unique, and highly educational!

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